Paradise in HK – Tap Mun (塔門)

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I am going to show you how to get to Tap Mun (塔門) aka Grass Island, which is the most scenic and tropical place in Hong Kong. 

Duration: 1-3 hours (depends on what you want to do)

Difficulty: 1 out of 5. It’s more like a day trip than a hike.

Scenery: 4 out of 5.
Cell phone coverage: Everywhere
Water needs: 2L to be safe in summer.

Why Tap Mun(塔門)?

Hands down Tap Mun is one of my favorite place in Hong Kong, you can’t get a better view than this little island which is full of cows, trees, pebbles and chilled villagers. If you are looking for a getaway from the hustle in the city for some tranquility. Then this is it! 🙂

grass island

Wong Shek Pier location


Before we start, here are a few things you should definitely take with you.

  • Mosquito spray
  • Sun block
  • Swimwear
  • Food (although they do have restaurants there)

How to get there?

  1. Take a taxi from MTR University Station, Exit B, to Ma Liu Shui Ferry Pier for a kaito. The journey takes around 1.5 hours.This way is easier usually, but the ferry time from Ma Liu Shui is very limited as you can see here.

    Ma Liu Shui to Tap Mun Ferry Scedule

  2. Take bus 94 from Sai Kung to Wong Shek Pier for a kaito. The journey takes around 35 minutes. (RECOMMEND) This is easier because the ferry schedule is more flexible, plus there will be kaito/small speed boats will offer you a ride for around the same price ($20). I got the boat number here – 9177 2521 / 9874 1521. Call them and arrange your pick up to Tap Mun or getting back to Wong Shek.

    Wong Shek to Tap Mun Ferry Scedule

Let’s GO!

Arriving at Wong Shek Pier on a sunny day was quite something, it was so relaxing. We were greeted straight away by the pier guided our eyes toward the blue ocean. Surrounded by trees and small islands.

I quickly checked with the ferry schedule and ended arranging a private speed boat with a couple other people. Not long after, we were on our way dashing through the calm water. Letting the wind blew over our head while enjoying the scenic journey.



Tap Mun is the second stop!

Don’t get off the boat at the first stop! Stay on and the second stop is Tap Mun. The boat journey only takes around 15 mins. You would be surprised how close it is, I thought it was going to take an hour at first lol.

Arriving at the pier you would want to turn right, toward the restaurants because that is the best way to start the walk around the island. And you can try their local cooking skill and homemade specials – Ice Milk Tea.

The people there are sooooo chilled, I was surprised by how friendly and genuine they were. This lady was so caring that she told me not to put on sun block after I scratched my mosquito bite as it started bleeding. She said it’s toxic, this was a new level of “hippiness”. I loved it.



Tin Hau Temple…

At the end of the small village, you will see the first site – Tin Hau Temple. Tin Hau Temple is found at every sea side town, village or port in HK. It’s the temple fishermen worships for a safe trip before they set off.



You can go inside and pay your respect by lighting up a few incenses and make a wish, the temple is small and there’s not alot to see (not like the temple here).

Coming out of the temple there should be a small path on your right side which has signs pointing to “balanced rocks”. Follow that sign and you will begin the journey through the jungle to the grass plain overlooking the sea.

By the way, there’s a fuck load of spiders along the way. I mean a shit ton of them just dangling in their massive webs on your side and above your head. We didn’t really notice anything until some of our friends started to freak out which freaked everyone out.

If you are tall, be careful. Always check what you are walking into haha.


Bliss is always on other side of terror…

Yes, after running through a jungle of spider, it was almost like an experience in Jurassic Park trying to survive through the woods.

We started to ascend to a nice grassy hill and when you get to the top. HOLY SHIT…WTF…..Wow… these words ran out of my mouth with no filter. It was stunning.

Usually open space is not really a luxury of HK, but here you get all of that. Sit under the pagoda in the shade and just relax for a moment, catch your breathe and soak it in.


They call it Grass Island for a reason.



The sea as far as you can see…

I suggest you pick a spot and chill from here, there’s some stairs you would see on the left. But there’s not much up the top, its an other pagoda but the view is blocked by the bushes.

You can spend some time relaxing, eating your lunch. Have your picnic before jumping into that crystal clear turquoise water ahead of you.

There is a path to walk down if you follow the sign of pebble beach. See this photo here.


Follow the path on your right and you shall reach the beach. Now pay attention: the best way to get into the sea is from the middle of the beach, where there are less large rocks and  barnacles.

The rocks can be very slippery, so be careful when you go out. Watch every step, it’s easy as the water is crystal clear. Swim out to the sand area which is the lighter area and then just relax in one of the best quality water in HK.


Take your time and relax, when you have enough. Just follow the path toward balanced rock (which is a weird rock balancing on another literally). Then you have more scenic, bench areas to chill before the road lead you onto the village.

Arriving at the basketball court, you can ask the store owner for the ball and have a few rounds. Try their frozen pineapple, its the bomb after being out in the hot all day!


The way back…

Then the journey will come to an end, call your boat for a pick up and they can pick you up at the basketball court pier. When you get back to Wong Shek just get the bus back to Sai Kung and there you have it. Hope you guys would love it as much as we have.

Please take your rubbish away or put it in bins too, this place deserve all the care and respect.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more!

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