Nha Trang – A Quick Summary Of a Vietnamese Seaside City

By June 12, 2017Travel

Need to get away.

It has been more than 5 months since I last traveled, I needed to go away to somewhere I can chill out and slow down. Re-sync with my inner-self against the side of me that has been stressed by sales target and work.

I have been to Vietnam before and I loved it, visited Hanoi – saw the natural wonder of Ha Long Bay and soaked in the history of war. So when I booked my flight on HKExpress for less than $1400 HKD, I didn’t do any research and went with the expectation of Nha Trang being similar to my previous travel.


Sometimes you go on a trip to explore and get very cultural, sometimes you need a vacation and this was a “vacay” for us. Nha Trang was nothing like Hanoi in fact, it was full of tourists (mostly Russians) and was in-between a young Pattaya and the current Boracay. Tourist centered basically. So we did what the tourist do, we got drunk a lot.

The reason of why there were so many Russians is because Nha Trang has a direct flight route from Russia and it’s visa-free for the Russians to go to Vietnam.  I found out this information from my Tinder date actually, a very nice English girl who worked there as an English teacher.

Nha Trang in a nutshell.

It is great for a 3 days trip, it is for relaxing on a beach and not doing anything. Go to the handful of bars and hotel/ rooftop bars to have a drink to recharge yourself for the journey ahead.

Chilling like a boss.

Sure you can go on some day trips like ostrich riding, animal farms, shooting guns and other more relaxing activities such as spa and mud bath. It would not be a bad idea to take a day doing something outside of Nha Trang.

The best takeaway of this city is definitely the long beach, amazing landscape view from the top rooftop bar – Skylight and renting out mopeds to explore the countryside. Which I will write about in another article of What to do in Nha Trang!

There are things I can’t tell you – Thien Twat Trio.

Seriously I wish I could, something happened to me in Nha Trang that is so NSFW and soul reaping that I can only share as an anonymous writer on some “I wish I have never done that” blog. It was actually hilarious looking back now, just that I have to remind myself despite my love for Tequila. I have to watch my back especially if they have fresh pineapple instead of lime… You can literally go on taking shots without taking any breaks. Danger!

The Thien Twat Trio

Thien Twat Trio, by the way, is not what you think it sounds like, it was a nickname me and 2 friends Aneesh and Jordan made up. Because we were not very good at pronouncing the street our Airbnb was on – Thien Twat (Thuat).

I will stop here before I give too much away, I will give you guys some suggestions of the things we did, where we ate and where we drank in the next article!


*If you are really really curious about what happened, comment below. If there’s a demand then I guess I have to be generous about sharing my experience XD.

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